Former students on a mission to solve the very problems they experienced

As undergraduates, here are some of the things our team experienced:


  • Professors struggling to engage their students;

  • Students of the same class pass each other on the sidewalk without saying hello;

  • Students departing the classroom and going their separate ways without a means to remain connected; 

  • Email responses days, even weeks, after relevancy; threatening our enrollment opportunities and our ability to gather key information when we needed it;

  • We sat in classrooms as professors pulled up their e-mail inbox only to see 12,000+ unread emails; 

  • We lived in residence halls where we only knew 5-10 of the 200+ students living right above or beneath us; 

  • We built a network that, when all said and done, could have been 50x larger; 


We met and conversed with hundreds of other students who shared our experiences. We interacted with students who broke down in tears because they failed to find their sense of belonging.

So we set out to fix it.

The Team

Tsavo Knott

Co-Founder & CEO

Josh Bracy

Product Marketing Intern

Mark Widman

Software Engineering Intern

Mack Myers

Co-Founder & COO

Kenzie Shimrock

Front-End Development Intern

Brooke Anderson

Campus Success Intern

Nathan Courtney

Software Engineering Intern

Holden Hicks

UX/Graphic Design Intern

Our Investors

Richard Knott

Angel Investor

Dr. Lawrence Kurtzman

Angel Investor

Ian Mead

Angel Investor

Want to meet us? We're friendly!

We bet you can't guess who built this website.

Some of what we value

Everything we do starts with our mindset, our ethics, our ambitions, our understanding, and our awareness. We take care of ourselves so we can take care of you.

Service First

We are here to help however we can


And remaining true to ourselves


We don't ever give up


With honesty and integrity

Attention to Detail

Even if it takes longer than expected

Problem Solving

There is always a solution


While maintaining focus

Having Fun

And having a few laughs along the way


If you ask questions and listen

Our team is growing! Come join us.

We look for people who resonate with our mission, bring energy to everything they do, and care deeply about their work.

Mesh is on a mission to fuel conversations, facilitate collaboration, and help instill a sense of community for students, faculty, and staff in Higher Education. By providing a real-time platform that seamlessly integrates into the everyday lives of students, faculty, and staff we can achieve just that. Mesh is currently an early-stage technology company based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.


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