The problem

We have identified the lack of a scalable, reliable, and organized real-time communication and collaboration platform for a University setting. This has necessitated DIY solutions revealing significant gaps arising from siloed implementations, inadequate applications, and disenfranchised groups.

The solution

Today, almost 94% of students and faculty use real-time messaging as their primary means of personal communication, yet Universities rely on email. 


Mesh is the solution to these problems, bridging the gaps between groups and communities on campus to facilitate efficient, reliable, and continuous engagement on and off campus.

Let's make an impact, together.

We understand you have priorities, and we might not be one of them, but you're one of ours. Contact us to learn how we, together, can help fuel conversations for your students, faculty, and staff.


Even if we help attract and retain just one student, wouldn't that be worth the investment?

Mesh is on a mission to fuel conversations, facilitate collaboration, and help instill a sense of community for students, faculty, and staff in Higher Education. By providing a real-time platform that seamlessly integrates into the everyday lives of students, faculty, and staff we can achieve just that. Mesh is currently an early-stage technology company based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.


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